To produce images and videos for corporations, organizations, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs, I often capture the “Why” not just the “What.” This means getting right to the core of your brand, who your audience is, the “vibe” of your offering, and how to express that. Depending on the assignment it often begins with an idea board, a tighter storyboard, or just a simple conversation. When you’re ready to talk about your project, let’s schedule a call.

NY School of Interior Design

What makes me different? I have a marketing background, so I can work with you or your team to visualize images based on the objectives, develop or read a creative brief, or create a style sheet or mood board with the kind of images we seek.

Ben Howard, Entrepreneur

For creative professionals or entrepreneurs, we work together to determine what are the key concepts, colors, and environments we will portray that tells your story.

Cory Seznec, Musician

If you are a musician, we may use other methods: we’ll listen to a few tracks of your work, and look at your current visuals, so that I can better understand who you are as an artist. Then we’ll brainstorm.

Event Photography

Producing a large event and need it documented? I understand your goals, and how the images will support them. Sending photos right away to high-level donors for your organization? Need a wide shot of the venue for the event planner? VIP meet-and-greet with a photo of every attendee? What’s the Run of Show, etc.? I have over 18 years of experience covering all types of events and can use that experience to make your event images sing!


Producing video and time-lapse for corporations, non-profits, entrepreneurs and musicians. Behind-the-scenes shots, event coverage, interviews, audio recording (lavalier, shotgun and ambient), and other video services available.

Let's talk about your project.

If you would like to discuss an assignment, whether on location or in the studio, in Paris, New York or beyond,
please schedule a Zoom call so we can talk about your requirements, schedule, budget, and how I can help.