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“We the Spirits, We the Bones… We are waiting for you…”

Peliqueiro. Galo. Burro. Touro. Pantalla. Boteiro.

These are some of the characters of the vibrant Entroido in the autonomous region of Galicia in northwestern Spain, bringing together ancient, medieval, and baroque elements and rituals.

For the past 15 years, I have visually documented traditional present day Carnaval, focusing traditional, folkloric, and community celebrations, ones that often have few outside visitors.

Winter and spring; barren and fertile; life and death; beauty and ugliness; light and dark; ritual and reality; chaos and order – the annual Carnaval is much more than a party and parade in the streets. Dating from pre-Christian times, this local celebration reveals a complex diversity of local customs intersecting with universal themes: Transcendence. Suspension. Inversion. Harvest. Identity. Nature. And just a chance to celebrate the cycle of the seasons, excise the dark spirits and look forward to spring.

Pantalla, Xinzo de Limia, Galicia, Spain